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One of the first things anyone tries to do once he or she gets cable is download porn videos, and it's a great way to start your internet experience, only you do have to be careful, there are plenty of fake sites and adds or plugins out there that will not get you what you want. The best case scenario for you is to find some medium to low quality material to check out, but you will very likely pick up a virus or two along the way, along with all kinds of tracking cookies and malicious programs that might harm your PC. Well, there are safe places where you can download adult material, but you should really get to know the geography of internet before you set sail on the sea of porn to watch POV blowjobs or any other category scenes. And we are here to help, we offer best links to sites offering high quality downloads in HD format, also free preview clips in the following categories like anal, teen, boobs and many more.

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First of all, there are a lot of tubes out there that you can get your content on. Like name says, they are very similar to YouTube, only it's all about porn. Tube model is probably the most famous one, there are plenty of clips out there, some offering specific type of content, specific niche or something like that. The tubes usually aren't very high quality and clips are anything from 30 seconds to 10 minutes long, but by default they're low quality content and you just can't compare resolution and bitrate with free videos we offer on our website, take Asian clips for example and you will see what I mean. Tubes are good if you are ok with low quality streaming movies full of popping ads, but if you want to download true HD porn then tubes wont help.

As we promised we have a nice collection of free clips in the best quality. You should check them out and see how nice these videos are. Keep in mind that content on members area of websites we recommed is very similar but much better and in various formats for you to download, you can browse the the site by niche, fresh dvds or whats new today and even a full collection. They also let members vote for videos so it's a good way to see what you can expect in the scene.

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Then there are single model monthly membership type sites and there is tubes also where you can watch short videos for free, I for example visit shemales one as I like to get laid watching to them playing with cock. Since setting up a site has became easier then ever, most adult industry models decide to put up a site all of their own, hoping to earn more money that way. While the membership deals for such sites are lower and you get to watch your favorite model in action, the down side is that the content update pace is often erratic on single model sites, but if you want more content like biography, diary and blog with models, this is the form of site you will turn to for your porn videos. However, the best way to download porn videos is to get your membership on one of the huge networks out there. There are a reasonable number of networks to pick from, some have a specific niche, some are all around sex sites, but they all bring you top quality content and daily updates with popular porn stars. Networks that are into specific things include Ztod, which are all about reality content, or Dog Fart network, black and interracial network, or you can look for your fun on Thirdmovies or some other general network like that. Fast search will tell you all you need to know about these networks, and while the membership fees here are pretty hefty at times, the quality and the amount of content that is provided is more then worth paying for.

The networks and sites listed here are just a small portion but they are the most popular ones, you can get many more with just a few search strings in google or by looking at some of the review sites.